Services for Nonprofit Organizations
Do you want to take your organization to the next level?

Do you want to explore ways to increase your revenues and streamline your operations?

Are you losing sleep over a particularly troubling financial, legal, governance or management issue?

Do you want to create a dynamic board culture that capitalizes on the interests, skills, resources and expertise of individual members?

With more than 30 years of leadership and management experience, we can help you:
  • Address your most challenging issues
  • Articulate and implement a strategic direction tailored to your mission, goals and vision
  • Integrate governance and management best practices
  • Identify and develop new revenue streams
  • Assure that your organizational structure cost-effectively advances your mission
  • Develop and launch programs that deepen the impact of your work
  • Address critical staff issues
  • Provide opportunities for staff growth and development
  • Strengthen your organization's leadership capacity
  • Create an environment that capitalizes on your board's skills and expertise
  • Build strategic alliances with community and business leaders
  • Develop a succession plan and manage executive transitions